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UI/UX Designer – Office Timeline Project
1 month ago
  • Domain IT Software
  • Availability Full-time
  • Experience Mid Level
  • Type of contract Indeterminate term
  • Location Iasi
  • Accommodation No
  • Salary To be determined
  • Verified company Yes

We are looking for a dynamic UI/UX designer who will be responsible for the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design of our various digital assets. The mix we are looking for is just the right amount of dev experience to understand the nuances of UI, enough customer experience to understand the importance of UX, all combined with a passion for visuals (think artists).

1.   About Product

Office Timeline is a timeline maker built for office professionals, right inside Microsoft PowerPoint. Its powerful data abstraction capabilities allow you to translate complex, technical data to beautiful, easy-to-understand visuals, within a fraction of the time. Office Timeline aims to help mid-level executives and project managers and in general, any information worker creates stunning visuals to be used in presentations for the clients, upper-level management, and peers.

The product is an on-premise/cloud-based software sold on the web-based on a freemium model. For more details, please visit

2.  Position Description

You would be sitting with the development team, drastically improving our ability to quickly produce best-in-class UIs and UXes. We are on a mission to and in the business of producing the world’s most beautiful, elegant, and highly functional project visualization/management solutions. We need someone full-time to help us accomplish that mission and get us closer to that end goal with every single release.

Our goal with this position is to have somebody inside the team who can think about every single aspect of the application experience from an end user's perspective. Here are some mental notes that will help you understand what your mission/role would be. Of course, this is ‘nirvana’ but this is the wish list and perhaps we can get as close to this as it’s realistically possible:

2.1. How We Picture You

-       Someone who can get inside the end user’s mind and think through processes

-       Always thinking about users, user impact, user perception

-       Someone who is an excellent graphics designer, UI & UX person, and a quick self-learner

-       A dynamic and adaptive mindset

-       A tinkerer, experimenter, and creative out of the box thinker

-       Motivated to build something significant (e.g. wants to be part of the core team that will deliver a unique and valuable tool for knowledge workers)

-       Basic knowledge about design process and working with the development teams

-       Highly quality and detail oriented. We are going for the best UI/UX designer in class

2.2.     Core Skills Include

-       UI design (can imagine, create, design, and deliver – visually - every aspect of a UI from scratch)

o  Continue to develop with the design team the existing design system

o  Communicate the design ideas to the stakeholders

o  Clean and modern design style

o  Pixel perfect is your motto

o  All your design decisions should be based on your own design thinking and fundamental principles

o  Be open to receiving objective criticism and improving upon it

o  Experience using tools such as Figma, Sketch, InVision

o  Strong portfolio to be presented and defended during interview

-       UX/interaction design

o  Design processes for end users to accomplish tasks

o  Find creative ways to solve UX problems (e.g. usability, findability)

o  Think about animations and transitions to share with the prototype team

o  Understand product specifications and user psychology

-       Graphic arts skills related to UI/UX software design

2.3.     Nice to Have

-       Knowledge about Microsoft Office

-       Experience designing similar products

2.4.      Education Background

Nice to have a BSc in Design, Computer Science, or relevant field

Good English for both written and verbal communication

3.  Benefits

-       Excellent salary and benefits

-       22 paid vacation days, 2 additional Company paid free days (Christmas and Easter), loyalty program (additional vacation days for people employed for a certain number of years)

-       Floating holidays (May 1st, August 15th)

-       Continuous learning on all levels (fast integration for new employees, annual training program, professional certificates)

-       5 Company paid leave days for individual study on certificate/school/courses exams

-       Flexible working time

-       Fun, relaxed and inclusive team & work environment

-       A broad package of medical facilities for employee and one co-beneficiary

-       Company paid sport and workout subscriptions

-       Preferential banking services

-       Monthly meal vouchers

-       Legally accepted gift vouchers for employees and children of employees

-       End Year, Easter and child birth bonuses

-       Flexible remote working

  • Continuous Learning
  • Customer Focus
  • Quality First
  • People Centric
  • Teamwork
  • Meal tickets
  • Gym subscription
  • Training programs
  • Work from anywhere
  • Flexible work schedule
Recruitment process
  • Technical interview
  • HR interview
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