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On this page, we gathered all the information on the entry requirements at the Romanian border, the procedure for seeking asylum in Romania, their rights and obligations as asylum seekers and more.

The new 50/20 Program

Romanians hosting citizens arriving from the war zone in Ukraine received monthly cash payments for: housing (50 RON per person per day) and meals (20 RON per person per day).

As of May 1, the support program dedicated to Ukrainians living in Romania has been changed.

The new financial aid will be given until December 31, 2023 and will be granted as follows:

  • For the first 4 consecutive months:
    1) 2000 lei monthly per family for accommodation expenses;
    2) 750 lei monthly per single person for accommodation expenses;
    3) 600 lei monthly per person for food costs.

  • Starting the 5 months until the end of 2023:
    1) 2000 lei monthly per family for accommodation expenses;
    750 lei monthly per single person for accommodation.

For the first month
, the only condition imposed is to be a beneficiary of temporary protection and to register with the local authority of residence (city hall) in the Program by presenting the CNP (personal numerical code) personally and of all family members. You must also present an account statement (bank in Romania, in RON - only one account per family).

For the next 3 months, in order to receive the financial aid, you and your family members need to:

1. Be legally registered as employees with a working contract under the Romanian rules or be registered in the unemployment insurance system at the Regional Employment Agency; This condition does not apply to:

1.1. Students legally registered in a Romanian university;
1.2. Handicapped persons who have documents issued by the Romanian authorities;
1.3. People older than 65 years;
1.4. People who take care of kids no older than 2 years or no older than 3 years for handicapped kids.

2. Have your minor kids registered in the Romanian educational system or have your minor kids registered in different educational activities organized by NGOs.

Starting with the 5th month until the end of 2023, in order to receive the financial aid, you and your family members need to:

1. Be legally registered as employees with a working contract under the Romanian rules;

2. Have your minor kids registered in the Romanian educational system or have your minor kids registered in different educational activities organised by NGOs.

The term family refers to the group of persons formed out of spouses, parent/parents and/or their minor kids or the person who takes care of one or more minor kids (but is not their parent).

In order to receive the financial aid in May, you need to submit the documentation anytime during the month. You only need to submit a specific request for funding, the temporary protection for all your family members and the bank statement from a Romanian bank account opened on the name of the person requesting the aid.

People who submit their files during the first 5 working days of May will receive the financial aid in May. For files submitted after the first 5 working days, so starting on the 9 of May, the money will be transferred in June.

1. Detailed information on the possibility of submitting an application should be clarified by following the links to the official website of each of the sectors: 1st Sector, 2nd Sector, 3rd Sector, 4th Sector, 5 Sector.

2. Detailed information on the possibility of submitting an application should be clarified by following the links to the official website of several cities in Romania: Iasi; Cluj-Napoca; Timisoara; Craiova; Brasov; Braila; Oradea; Bacau; Arad; Sibiu; Targu-Mures; Satu Mare; Constanta.


Please, look through this guide for safer employment in order to be aware of the signs of legal employment and prevent exploitation.

"If you are a Ukrainian citizen, you have entered Romania legally and have not requested protection (for example, asylum), you can work without a job permit. You will not need to obtain a visa to get a job. Suppose you want to work in a field where you have experience or have studied and do not have the necessary documents (diplomas, certifications, attestations). In that case, you will give a statement that you have had training or experience in the field (one of the requirements is not to have active criminal acts).

This declaration (ro or uk) is valid for 12 months but can be extended for 6 months or 1 year, during which you will have all the rights and obligations provided by the labour law. 

If you have studied medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, architecture or any liberal profession and want to work in Romania, you must have the necessary documents. 

Also, the Ukrainian citizens who arrived in Romania due to the armed conflict can benefit from measures to stimulate employment, as well as protection within the unemployment insurance system, under the conditions provided by law for Romanian citizens, provided they register with the agencies for the employment of the county, respectively of the Bucharest municipality. See here the free services ANOFM (National Agency for Employment) offered." from Dopomoha.

If you want to work in your domain, but your education documents are not confirmed in accordance with EU requirements, you can fill out a declaration provided by the Ministry of Labour in Romania, where under your own responsibility you indicate your education, describe the skills, experience, etc. Personal responsibility declaration regarding the fulfilment of the conditions of professional qualification and experience:

  1. Access it here in Ukrainian 
  2. Access it here in Romanian


Romanian Business Leaders build an informative material related to employability in Romania: 

  1. Access it here in Ukrainian 
  2. Access it here in Romanian


Jobs platforms and Social Media resources where you can find jobs in Romania: 

1. Jobs4UKR
4. LinkedIn
6. Jooble
7. UAtalents
9. IndeedJobs
10. Jobradar24
11. CareerJet
13. HR Romania for Ukraine | Facebook
14. Jobs for Ukrainians in Romania | Facebook
15. Bucharest Help Ukraine
16. Group Viber
When looking for a job on Social Media, be careful and follow safety measures, check information about employers, search reviews about them not to become a victim of scammers.
As a job seeker or worker in Romania, it is critical to be aware of your labor rights. Regardless of your nationality or legal status, you have the legal right to a safe, fair and healthy work environment.

Accessing safe and dignified employment. If you have ever felt unsafe or exploited at work, do not hesitate to reach out for support. Some useful contacts are below:

1) UNHCR: refugee helpline +40 723 653 651 (For general questions and support. Available languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian and English)

2) Romanian National Council for Refugees Foundation (CNRR): +40 213 126 210, [email protected] (For questions regarding your legal rights and obligations as a refugee employee or job seeker. Available languages: English, Romanian and other languages upon request.)

3) Eliberare: Crisis Textline +40 757 749 845, [email protected], (for information and support in situations of exploitation and abuse. Available languages: Romanian, English, Russian and Ukrainian)

4) IOM: +40 212 103 050, [email protected] (For information, assistance and protection. Available languages: English, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian)

5) Romanian National Agency against Trafficking: Hotline +40 213 133 100 (For support/advice in situations of labor exploitation and trafficking. Available language: Romanian and English)

6) Emergency services: 112 (For emergencies)

These hotlines can be reached if people encounter the following situations:

1) Your documents, such as an ID card (passport of a citizen of Ukraine), documents on temporary protection/asylum, and a foreign passport have been confiscated.

2) You do not have a written employment contract signed by both you and the employer.  

3) You are threatened or forced to provide services/act against your will and against the terms of the contract/job advertisement.

4) You are forced to work overtime or without pay. 

5) Your work is monitored without warning or in a way that violates your privacy.

6) You are paid less than the established minimum wage or less than the amount agreed in the contract.

7) You experience intimidation, physical/verbal abuse, or unwanted sexual advances from coworkers or supervisors.

 Candidate profiles on Jobs4UKR remain anonymous until an employer accepts your application, so this helps to assess and select job seekers impartially. Employers are thoroughly vetted and have a special green mark on the platform.

You can also communicate with the company in the "Messages" section, where there are tips for legal employment, and our e-mail [email protected], which should be contacted in case of misconduct or suspicious activity on the part of the employer.

You can find signs that may indicate exploitation and violation of workers' rights in the safe employment guide by following this link, as well as in a YouTube video with Ukrainian subtitles about recognizing legal employment.

Border Crossing

All Romanian and Moldavian border crossings are open for Ukrainians and other nationalities. People from Ukraine are receiving special refugee status upon entry to Romania, allowing any further admin/paperwork to be settled. 

1. Ukrainian nationals who can present a valid passport at the border crossing can enter Romania and stay up to 90 days.
2. If you do not have documents, you can enter Romania as an asylum seeker.
3. Helping points, overnight facilities, food, water, and warm waiting places are operated at the borders.

More details at:

Other Resources: 

1. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has gathered basic information to cross the Ukrainian border and enter Romania in the context of a humanitarian crisis and emergency: (UA) 
2. Ukraine Info - In this document, you will find information on how to cross the border legally versus an asylum seeker (the second part of the doc is in English, and the third part is in Ukrainian). 
3. Help-line of the Romanian Border Police in the Ukrainian language: 📞 +40219590
4. If you are refused entry, contact +40 730 073 170 or [email protected]  
5. Telegram group for Romanian & Hungarian border crossings
6. Traffic situation at Romanian border crossings:


Ukrainian nationals may enter Romania through:  

1. Porubne - Siret

- At the Siret border, there’s free transportation for refugees into the country. Vehicles are organised by the ISU and private providers to transport refugees to the city of Suceava. Here there is a train station and a small airport. Trains are free for refugees in Romania as well as in Bulgaria.
- Assistance at Siret Border Crossing: 
- Together Foundation - Solidaritate Socială in Siret border crossing point gives supplies, food, blankets, and hygiene products to Ukrainian refugees. Phone number (Cell, Whatsapp, Telegram): +34 633 16 03 03 (Ana), 0040751250508 (Petru)
- United for Ukraine Vama Siret - Facebook group specifically for the Siret border point

2.  Solotvino - Sighetul Marmației

- Hotline in Ukrainian: (+40) 021.9590
- The number for the commission for emergency situations, regarding refugees is (+40) 0748 197 771
- Red Cross Maramures +40 262 217 168
- Border Police (+40) 262/311.070
- Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Sighet (+4) 0262-311212
- Help Line (in Ukrainian) (+40) 021.9998 - Santinela ASSOC (h 8.00 - 22.00)

3.  Other crossing points: 

- UA: Orlivka (ferry crossing) - RO: Isaccea 
- UA: Diakovo - RO: Halmeu
- UA: Podvirivka - MD: Lipcani- RO: Radauti
- MD: Costesti - RO: Stanca
- MD: - RO: Sculeni
- MD: Leuseni → RO: Albita
- MD: Cahul - RO: Oancea
- MD Giurgiulesti - RO Galati

More informations here


The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in Romania published an interactive map with transit corridors recommended for Ukrainian citizens is a platform centralising accommodation, food, transport, medical products, medical services and other services offered by volunteers for Ukraine refugees - not vetted or filtered information

Info for refugees (EN):,  Инфо на русском (RU) : 


1. By train:

1. How can you get a free ticket?
Based on the identity documents confirming the entry into the Romanian territory, you can obtain a free “Help Ukraine Ticket” valid for 2nd class Regio and Interregio trains, including the seat reservation on the trains with compulsory reservation.
2. How can you get the “Help Ukraine Ticket”?
You can buy free travel tickets from the:
- ticket offices in the railway stations and the CFR Călători travel agencies
- train staff, based on the identity document confirming the entry into the Romanian territory

3. What documents must be presented on the train?
When checking the legality of the journey, you must present your free travel tickets and an identity document.
Exceptions to the obligation to present identity documents are minors, who can travel only accompanied by an adult and who will present only the free travel ticket of “Help Ukraine Ticket” type.
4. Can I travel freely in international traffic with the “Help Ukraine” offer?
The “Help Ukraine” offer allows free travel in international traffic, given the following tariff and commercial conditions:
- It is valid only for cross-border journeys, departing from a station on the CFR Călători network, and arriving at a station on the networks of the following carriers: MAV (Hungary), OBB (Austria), DB (Germany), CFF (Switzerland), ZSSK (Slovakia) and CD (Czech Republic).
- The offer shall be issued only for travellers of Ukrainian nationality or with another nationality but residing in Ukraine.
- The offer is valid only for the outgoing journey, in the 2nd class.
- On the ticket, in the “Trains” field, only the number of the cross-border train between CFR and MAV shall be written.
- The offer shall be issued for a maximum of 5 passengers.
- Seat reservation (day, sleeping, berth coach) is mandatory and shall be paid in full.
- For tickets issued with the “Help Ukraine” offer, seat reservations shall be issued only for direct trains between CFR (Romania) and MAV (Hungary) / OBB (Austria), namely for Budapest / Vienna, regardless of the arrival station written on the ticket (the ticket may be issued for DB, CFF etc.).
For information for refugees from Ukraine about free travel by train on Romania’s territory – CFR Calatori, click here
2. By bus:
- Tarsin Radauti company gives free bus rides to the Ukrainian citizens who wanted to get from Siret to the bus stations, the train station or the airport - 
- ​​Romfour - transport international de persoane offers help so the refugees can get to the closest cities 
- Business Global Hub & ADM Tur offer free transport from Halmeu and Sighet customs to other cities in Romania -
- Tabita Tour helps Ukrainians go from the Siret border to the airport & surroundings around Suceava for free. They also have a discount for Ukrainians wanting to go to France, Spain, or Italy. -
- Flixbus offers free buses for people from Ukraine (irrespective of nationality) from Przemyśl, Rzeszów And Bucharest. (Ukrainian, Polish, English). You can contact our support service at +38 044 223 0341 | Ви можете зв’язатися з нашою службою підтримки за номером телефону +38 044 223 0341  або поспілкуватися з одним із наших спеціалістів у чаті в правому нижньому кутку. Source
3. By car:
- Crowdsourced transportation & volunteer drivers from Ukraine’s borders
- Autonom Group offers transport to those who need mobility in their efforts to help Ukrainian citizens - Transfer from the border, food transport and others. Contact via or by e-mail at [email protected].
- The following link provides info about official transit corridors for people using their own cars
- ACR offers free roadside assistance for all Ukrainian refugees who travel on Romanian territory towards their destination. More information at +40 21 222 22 22.


4. Transfer from Romania:

- CFR is offering free train transport to Budapest, or to the next border in Hungary, in a partnership with MAV Start - Hungary railroad. CFR will issue a ticket valid up to the Romanian Border, where the MAV train conductor will help and issue a free ticket valid for the Hungary part of the trip. Please note that you might have to change some trains on your trip (ex: in Arad, in Curtici (RO border), in Budapest, etc)
- offers, for free, travel solutions for Ukraine people who entered Romania, including free plane tickets to other countries; you need a passport to be able to board a plane -
- Bus transfers from Romania to other European countries: 

Asylum Procedures

How long can I stay in Romania if I enter without asking for asylum? 

Ukrainian nationals who can present a valid passport at the border crossing can enter Romania and stay 90 days. You can find more information on Dopomoha


Other sources: 

Romanian National Council for Refugees has put together a list of frequently asked questions about asylum in Romania, including documents needed and rights as an asylum seeker. - 
- Romanian National Council for Refugees
- E-Mail: [email protected]
- Contact Person: Silvia Spurigan, [email protected]
- UNHCR Romania (UN Refugee Agency) 
- Call Center (on WhatsApp) for asylum information and information for Ukrainians (English, Russian and Ukrainian). +4.0765.861.888 - LOGS Timisoara
 - JRS offers information for those applying for asylum in Romania
- Refugees Welcome to Romania has shared a document in Romanian, English and Ukrainian around ways to get asylum, asylum centres at the border and important call centres (put together by ASproAS and LOGS NGOs). - UKRAINE INFO
- NGOs experienced in working with refugees - LOGS Grup de Inițiative Sociale, JRS Romania, Romanian National Council for Refugees - CNRR, LADO CLUJ, Asociatia ASSOC (working at Sighetul Marmației border point.
- If you need any more information, contact the Refugees Welcome to Romania via WhatsApp at +40 765 861 888 (they are using Ukrainian volunteers for translations if needed)

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