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On this page, we gathered all the information on the entry requirements at the polish border, the procedure for seeking asylum in Poland, their rights and obligations as asylum seekers and more.


A citizen of Ukraine can start working in Poland without a work permit. The employer should only remember to confirm this fact within 14 days on the website

Legal work in Poland
If you are a citizen of Ukraine and have entered Poland legally since February 24, 2022, you can work in our country. You do not need to obtain a work permit for a foreigner. All formalities related to your legal employment are borne by the employer.

You can find more details here


Other job platforms for Ukrainian citizens: 

1. Official job platform 
2. Pracuj - job platform
3. Job resources
4. General Facebook Group 

Border Crossing

If you enter Poland based on visa-free travel regulations, you can stay in Poland for up to 90 days. During that time, you have the right to stay legally in Poland and in other Schengen countries. If you are unable to return to the country before that deadline, it will be necessary to request the legalisation of your stay in Poland.


If you enter Poland based on your existing residence card, you may stay in Poland during its period of validity.


If you apply for international protection in Poland, you will be sent to one of the reception centres for persons seeking protection and you will be subject to a refugee procedure. You will then be obliged to give your passport to deposit and stay in Poland until your application is resolved.


If you enter Poland based on the consent of the Border Guard Commander, your legal stay in Poland lasts up to 15 days. Before this deadline, you should apply for legalisation of your stay in Poland based on general regulations. You can also apply for international protection in Poland.


You can find more information here:

1. Information on the official website of the Ministry of Interiors
2. Hotlines 
3. If you need information on the detailed rules of crossing the border, please contact the Border Guard: +48 82 568 51 19.
4. Helpline for Polish citizens and holders of the Pole's Card residing in Ukraine: +48 22 523 88 80.
5. Come to Poland Platform 
6. A document with step by step instructions about evacuating to Poland
7. Comprehensive guide to crossing the Polish border
8. Telegram discussion group for crossing the polish border
9. Document with FAQ for crossing borders, by origin country. 


 Evacuation from Ukraine to Poland

1. Official Polish Platform with information about border crossing

2. Evacuation of children: Applications regarding the logistics of the transport of children are accepted Children's Evacuation Staff: [email protected], tel. + 48 532 402 575.

3. Telegram group organizing cars from Ukraine to Poland

4. Transport UA/PL - Facebook group


Transports in Poland from the border

1. Ukrainian passport holders can use Polish trains (2nd class) for free until 31 May 

Call center for info on trains in Poland: +48 22 473 00 86 (from outside Poland); 800 033 022 – (within Poland) free helpline for all phone operators.The lines are available from 8:00 until 20:00, 7 days a week.

2. Crowdsourced transportation & volunteer drivers from Ukraine’s borders 

3. A database for transport, accommodation and legal help offers.

4. Crowdsourced offers for transport

5. Шукаю транспорт/Szukam transportu z UKRAINY/GRANICY

6. Transportation

7. Facebook Group 


The following Polish city provide free public transport to Ukrainian passport holders and others:

1. Łódź (Лодзь)

2. Kraków

3. Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot

4. Warszawa

5. Wrocław

6. Poznań

7. Toruń

8. Lublin


Transfers FROM Poland 

1. Deutsche Bahn is offering displaced persons with a Ukrainian passport or identity card free long-distance train travel from Poland towards Germany to Berlin. 

2. Crowd-sourced list of individuals providing transportation

3. Telegram channel of the BYSOL Foundation for information about departure and evacuation from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

4. Telegram channel with drivers from Poland to Germany 


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