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Senior Low-Level Programmer - Rust language
1 year ago
  • Domain IT Software
  • Availability Full-time
  • Experience Entry Level
  • Type of contract Indeterminate term
  • Location Stuttgart
  • Accommodation No
  • Salary To be determined
  • Verified company Yes

NC-Vision is a German software company started in January 2019 with offices in Stuttgart and Biberach, Germany and Arad, Romania, driven by the sense of innovation set to create a fully integrated no-code visual based development platform designed to revolutionize software development. 

Develop extension to NoCode framework that generates Rust source code based on no-code flow definition and compiles it to run on a native execution environment ( not interpretable ). 

Technologies used: RustTypeScript, MySQL, Linux, etc.

Your Knowledge/Must have

  • Rust language ( or similar: C\C++, Go )
  • OOP
  • Javascript Event Driver model ( Promise, async/await )
  • Design Patterns
  • SQL ( MySQL ), JSON


  • Opportunity to learn from talented and forward-thinking people in our team;
  • Become part of a lively, friendly and motivated team that values respect, support and open feedback
  • Enjoy an attractive workplace in an idyllic German town within a dynamic and innovative company that has continuous, healthy growth
  • Grab the opportunity to provide active input on a fast-growing company


  • Contract location is Biberach, Germany – our German headquarters
  • No need to know German, but advanced English is required

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