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ICAR Foundation is a non-profit, independent Romanian organisation (NGO) established in April 1992 focused on providing medical, psychological, social and legal services to those who, for political reasons, experienced the harsh repression (such as arrest, condemnations on political, ethnical, sexual orientation or religious ground, deportation, exploitation, extermination in concentration camps, torture, inhuman or degrading treatments) perpetrated by totalitarian /communist regimes. Since 2010 ICAR started offering a various range of rehabilitation services to victims of serious human rights abuses among refugees and asylum seekers.

Since the Russia’s war against Ukraine started, ICAR developed special programs to assist the Ukrainians – mainly women and children - that had to flee their country for a safety place.

ICAR has a team of more than 30 professionals: physicians, psychologists, social workers, legal counselors, cultural facilitators, interpreters, trainers, project coordinators, pedagogues, financial officers. There are tens of strategic partnerships - of which 20 with international/European organisations or professional networks – and close collaboration with similar organisations across Europe and beyond: German Association of Centres for Refugees and torture victims, EURONET, IRCT, International Centre for Health and Human Rights – UK, Pluriels – Switzerland, Department of Psychology, Oslo University, University of East London and many more.

Dozens of projects and programmes have been implemented over those years through which tens of thousands of people have been assisted. Institutional national and international funding made our work possible: European Commission, United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture, UNHCR, Swiss Cooperation Fund, EAA and Norway Fund, USAID, UK Embassy, German Government, Dutch Embassy – Matra Program, Open Society Institute, OAK foundation, Hempel Foundation, National AMIF Programme to mention just a few. 

Bd. Unirii nr. 70, bloc J5
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  • Flexible work schedule
  • Work with various clients, sectors & countries
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