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General Contacts


HOTLINE: +359 2905 5555 (BG) and +380 322465075 (UA)

EMAIL: [email protected]


If you feel you are in danger of human trafficking, call: +359 2 807 80 50 and 0800 20 100

Border Crossing

Entry of people running from the war in Ukraine is allowed those who:

1) Have a biometric passport;

2) have an old passport format without biometric data; 

3) have an ID card;

4) have driving license;

5) have birth certificate – for children up to 14 years; 

6) do not have any of these documents, but have other official documents that indicate their identity – for example: certificates, passes, diplomas, membership cards, bank cards, employment records, property documents and the like;

7) do not have absolutely any documents – exceptionally and after an inspection by Border Police officers.

It is also allowed to enter Bulgaria with pets, regardless of whether they have identification with a chip accompanying passports or vaccination certificates.


1) Government website (BG/UA/EN) on accommodation:

2) Accommodation requests on BG4UA:

3) Facebook group Допомога українським біженцям в Болгарії/Помощ за украинските бежанци

4) Long term accommodation:

Asylum Procedures

As part of the EU decision on temporary protection, displaced Ukrainians are allowed to reside, work or study in the EU for one year (renewable until 3 years) without the need to submit an asylum request. 

If you can receive temporary protection status, do not apply for international (refugee) protection.

Legal status information on Bulgarian government portal:

Once in Bulgaria, you are entitled to stay visa-free for 90 days. You can also:

1) Receive immediate temporary protection for at least 1 year (recommended)

2) Apply for for refugee or humanitarian status (not recommended)

Temporary protection gives you the right to:

1) remain on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for at least 1 year, renewable);

2) work and vocational training;

3) appropriate accommodation or means of accommodation if necessary;

4) social assistance;

5) medical care in emergencies;

6) return freely to your country of origin.

Bulgarian authorities advise the citizens of Ukraine to wait for the announcement of the rules for registration in Bulgaria as people under temporary protection instead of submitting an application for international protection in the territorial divisions of the State Agency for Refugees (SAR). If you still wish to apply for refugee status, and understand its implications, you can find information here:

Updated information on temporary protection and asylum from the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee:

Medical Support

Government website (BG/UA/EN) on free medical help:

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