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On this page, we gathered all the information on transportation, boarder crossing, accommodation, asylum procedures, employment and education in Austria.


If you show your Ukrainian ID/Passport, tickets for the Austrian Railway (ÖBB) and German Railway (DB) are free. Find your train connection here (Austrian Railways):

By car, on Austrian highway there is toll which you don’t need to pay when someone in Austria fills this document with your car info: 

Migration Aid organizes bus transfers from the shelter in Budapest, Madridi street to Vienna. Buses leave on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and stop at Wien Hauptbahnhof and the immigration centre in Vienna for those who wish to register for asylum in Austria. Sign up here: (ask a volunteer at the shelter to help fill it in).

Border Crossing

No visa required for stays up to 90 days (this will be extended at the moment for people who are already in Austria).


WARNING: These resources have been crowdsourced from around the world and are not officially verified or endorsed

1) Free housing: for urgent need, call +43 1 2676 870 9460 , webpage BBU GmbH
Many local initiatives. International initiative with place in Austria: 

2) Information on accommodation of refugees from Ukraine can be found at On the Facebook page Austria helps Ukraine – Допомога Українцям в Австрії you can also find information on accommodation and other practical advice.

3)  - platform to exchange information on available places to stay in Vienna (and the surroundings) for people fleeing Ukraine

4) The page offers places where you can spend the night.

5) The Federal Agency for Reception and Support (BBU) has prepared places for accommodation in Olsdorf (Kleinreit Industrial Park 7), in Mondsee (543 Am-Mooz Street) and in Fillach for Ukrainians who do not yet want to apply for asylum. Please, call the hotline of the Federal Reception and Support Agency (BBU) in advance by phone +43 1 2676 870 9460.

Information about shelter, arrival center in Vienna,

7) +43 1 2676 870 9460 - Hotline for Ukrainians in need of support in Austria. By BBU, the Federal Agenvy for Reception and Support Services. More info:

8) Facebook support group for Ukrainian community in Vienna:

9) Facebook group “Ukrainische Jugend in Österreich / Товариство української молоді в Австрії”

Asylum procedures

As part of the EU decision on temporary protection, displaced Ukrainians are allowed to reside, work or study in the EU for one year (renewable until 3 years) without the need to submit an asylum request. 

If you can receive temporary protection status, do not apply for international (refugee) protection.

1) Under temporary protection, you can access the labour market, medical aid, financial aid. It is recommended to not request Asylum for now.

2) Facebook group for Asylum in Austria

3) Hotline of Austrian government, respond quickly - 

Employment & Education

Work permit information - - at several offices permits for people from Ukraine have priority.

Support for researchers:

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